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Deanna Dunagan

1 playwright, 2 plays, 2 critics: Death Tax at Lookingglass, Isaac’s Eye at Writers


Deanna Dunagan in the Lookingglass Theatre Company production of Death Tax by Lucas Hnath, directed by Heidi Stillman. Photo by Liz Lauren.

Kelly and Jonathan grapple with two plays by Lucas Hnath, a rising young playwright.  Do they complement one another, or contradict one another?  Is either one worth listening to?  The same questions, of course, can be asked of the Dueling Critics!

And Jonathan eulogizes Sheldon Patinkin.

Rae Gray and Tim Chiou - H2

Remy Bumppo’s Northanger Abbey, Lookingglass’s North China Lover: Which Is True North?

Rae Gray and Tim Chiou in The North China Lover at Lookingglass Theatre Company.  Photo by Liz Lauren.

J. and K. search for a common thread between a 20th Century memoir of sex and abandonment and an 18th Century comedy of manners. Which is better adapted for the stage?


Sarah Price, Annabel Armour and Greg Matthew Anderson in Remy Bumppo’s production of Northanger Abbey.  Photo by Johnny Knight.