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Pop Waits at the Neo-Futurists, 2666 at the Goodman: Jonathan talks, Kelly kibbitzes

A one-man piece about music and depression at the Neo-Futurists; a 5-plus hour epic about the 20th Century at the Goodman.  Jonathan holds forth.



Luna Gale at the Goodman: Life in the Depths of the Child Welfare System

Mary Beth Fisher in Luna Gale at the Goodman Theatre.

J. and K. reflect on the Goodman’s new Rebecca Gilman play, Jonathan mentions Chicago Theatre Week and Kelly recommends Rasheeda Speaking at Rivendell.


Today’s Trivia Question Answered, 3 Oct. 2013

Question: Artistic director Robert Falls has been Goodman Theatre for 27 years. What theatre did he run BEFORE that?

Answer: Robert Falls was artistic director of the Wisdom Bridge Theatre, a 199-seat house up a steep staircase on Howard Street on Chicago’s Far North Side. Falls directed there famous productions of Mother Courage and Her Children, Hamlet (with Aiden Quinn spray-painting “To be or not to be”), In the Belly of the Beast (with William Petersen) and Rat in the Skull which launched Falls’ long partnership with Brian Dennehy.