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Pop Waits at the Neo-Futurists, 2666 at the Goodman: Jonathan talks, Kelly kibbitzes

A one-man piece about music and depression at the Neo-Futurists; a 5-plus hour epic about the 20th Century at the Goodman.  Jonathan holds forth.


A Talent Competition Between the Critics over Goodman’s Another Word for Beauty

(K., of course, is Ms. Congeniality.)  Then J. recommends Le Switch at About Face Theatre.


Does How to Succeed, Succeed?

Fred Zimmerman, Tyler Ravelson and Elizabeth Telford in Porchlight’s production of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Photo: Kelsey Jorissen.


Mojada at Victory Gardens: Re-imagining Medea

Luis Alfaro’s Mojada is the third of his plays resetting a Greek tragic myth in contemporary Latino life.  If Medea is a seamstress in Pilsen and Jason a construction worker who takes the eye of his boss, does it still work?  Jonathan and Kelly consider, whereupon J. reminds K. that it’s he who’s just been elected Chair of the American Theater Critics Association and therefore should be deferred to.


This episode was podcast on July 26, 2013.